03. Feb. 2021

Race cancelled

Dear Competitors and Fans,

after considering many possibilities how to organize Bokami Západných Tatier Race 2021 despite the pandemic situation we are truly sorry to say that the safest and just the right way is unfortunately to cancel the race. However, in order to stay in touch, also so the Competitors can at least virtually compete with each other and so that the Race Fans can also compare the times with the best ones, we have prepared "Bokami Segments" for all of you. We will soon introduce you to the Segments prepared in the Strava Application, parts of which will be similar to the planned stages for this year. We can already say that we will recognise and apprize the best ones :) Follow our social networks and our updated web page www.bokami.sk.

Thank you for bearing this time with us and we wish you a nice days in the mountains.

Bokami Team

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