Organizational rules

1. Registration and deadlines
  • Unless the Organizer specifies otherwise, the Bokami  ZápadnýchTatier race is held regularly on the 3rd weekend of March within each year
  • The Organizer will set the preliminary dates (registration, selection of competitors, payment of the entry fee) well in advance, at the latest 3 months before the event.
  • Registration of competitors for the event Bokami  ZápadnýchTatier takes place on the website
  • After registration, the Organizer has the right to select the competitors (pairs) according to the results achieved in the last three years, which the competitors state in the registration form at registration.
  • After the selection of pairs by the Organizer, all registered competitors will be sent following information:

           - the pair is selected for the race

           - the pair is in order as a substitute

  • The Organizer will send the payment details and variable symbol to the e-mail address entered in the registration form.
  • After the payment is not received by the Organizer within 14 days of receiving the e-mail, the pair will be notified by the Organizer. After the non-payment, the pair will be deleted from the system.
  • After deleting a pair that did not paid, the Organizer sends the payment details and the variable symbol to the substitutes.
  • The order of substitutes is determined solely by the Organizer.
  • After receiving and assigning the payment for both competitors to the Organizer's account, the Organizer is obliged to include the pair in the starting list.
  • A pair not included in the starting list or in the wrong category is obliged to notify the Organizer.
  • Each of the pair is obliged to bring a signed form to the presentation, which will be sent to them by email after receiving the payment.
  • The presentation takes place the day before the first stage.
2. Cancellation fees
a) CANCELLATION by the Competitor:
  • If a competitor reports CANCELLATION to the Organizer, it is considered that the cancellation is automatically applied to the pair of competitors who are registered together as a team (hereinafter referred to as "PAIR CANCEL").
  • If the cancellation of the pair was reported in between the time of publication in the starting list and 10 days prior to the competitors' presentation and the Organizer does not find adequate compensation for it, the pair of competitors will be refunded by 50%.
  • If the stated cancellation of the pair was reported less than 10 days prior to the competitors' presentation and the Organizer does not find an adequate replacement for it, the pair of competitors will be refunded part of the starting fee reduced by 70%.
  • If the Organizer finds an adequate replacement for the cancellation of the pair, the entry fee of 100% will be returned to the pair of competitors.
  • The Organizer considers the pair of competitors approved by the Organizer to be an adequate replacement and at the same time the Organizer received the entry fee or received it directly at the presentation.
  • If neither competitor of the pair is present, the whole pair is not entitled to a refund.
  • If a competitor reports a cancellation of a pair during an ongoing race (withdraws from the race), he/she is not entitled to a refund of the entry fee, even if it is a withdrawal from the race due to health reasons of a competitor or a couple.
  • If a competitor declares the cancellation of the pair before the start of the competition, the organizer will refund the entry fee of 100%.
  • CANCELLATION by the competitor shall be notified to the organizer by e-mail to with the subject “CANCELLATION COMPETITOR”. In the e-mail, the competitor shall state the names of both competitors in pairs and the variable symbol of the payment respectively. payments under which they were made.
  • Refund of the entry fee to the competitor/pair is always made to the account from which the funds were paid to the Organizer.
  • The Organizer will reimburse the start fee only after the race.
b) CANCELLATION by the Organizer
  • On March 9, 2020, the Organizer introduced a CAncelLATION fee in the event of cancellation of the race by the Organizer prior to the race due to force majeure (exceptional situation, emergency or other legislative order or decision of the state authority preventing the race).
  • The closure of races due to force majeure also includes such climatic conditions that could affect the life and health of competitors and organizers.
  • For 2020, CANCELLATION fee was set at € 30 per competitor.
  • For the next years (years 2021 and more) CANCELLATION is set at 10% of the entry fee per competitor.
  • If a race pair who has paid the entry fee due to force majeure limitation (exceptional situation, emergency or other legislative regulation or decision of a state body regulating the number of racers) will not be able to take part in the race, the entry fee will be refunded to the racers in full to the account from whose payment has arrived.
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