At several mountain film festivals, you were already able to watch films BOKAMI (Ivan Mrnčo, Juraj Kořínek) or Obyčajní chlapci (Rasťo Hatiar), which were created with the support of BOKAMI. The films were a success confirmed by the festival awards. The film BOKAMI even got to the festival as far as Bansko, Bulgaria. In addition, BOKAMI also appeared in the show "Skialpem to začalo" on the Czech ČT4.

Of course, there are reports every year about the race in RTVS (Sloval National Television) (Góly - Body – Sekundy, Športové ozveny, Televíkend, Extrémne v horách, Rádio Regina). We also showed up in the morning TV show in Markíza. The film Obyčajní chlapci (Rasťo Hatiar) is often broadcast on RTVS (independent artists works). Every year, a number of Slovak, Polish and Czech articles are written about the race, mostly in climbing and outdoor magazines and websites. The largest unique article is always published in the HOROLEZEC magazine, where the logos of sponsors, results, the best photos and interviews with competitors are also placed. Race videos are also always very popular. After each stage, we try to add a short video clip as well as current photos to our social networks.

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